Poster Presentation FEB 2024

Deadline for the submission of poster is extended till 31/01/2024
Latest Updete: You will receive the email if your poster is selected. Untill then please do not pay any fees and refrain from taking a physical print.

Eligibility :

    • BE/B.Tech (CE/IT/CSE)/ME/M.Tech(CE/IT/CSE)/Diploma(CE/IT/CSE)/BSC (IT/CS)/MSC (IT/CS)/BCA/MCA any other computer/it/computer science students.

Team Size :

    • Maximum 4 participants and minimum 1 participant. (There can be one extra faculty member in the team above the maximum limit of the students.)
    • Cheque would be drafted on the name of the team leader.
    • All the official correspondences would be done on teal leaders Email Id.
    • Once the team is registered, team member shall not be allowed to change.

Registration fees :

    • Rs. 100 per participant per poster (Non refundable)
    • Participants/Winners certificates will be provided.
    • The registration fees include food & registration kit.
    • There will be no registration fees for faculty members.
    • Upon selection of your poster, you will be intimated via Email and subsequently you’re required to pay the fees.

Prizes and Recognition :

    • Rs. 25000 (per group) will be awarded to the outstanding project (Winner).
    • Rs. 20000 (per group) will be given to the First Runner up.
    • Rs. 15000 (per group) will be given to to the Second Runner up.

Registration Deadline :

    • Last day to submit the poster is 31-01-2024 (11:59 PM)
    • Late registrations will not be accepted.
    • Intimation of acceptance of posters (31-01-2024 may vary).

Evalution Criteria :

    • A committee of subject experts shall evaluate the poster and select/reject the poster. The decision of this committee shall be final and binding to all the participants.

Selection/Judgement Criteria :

    • An evalution committee of external experts shall evaluate the poster on the day of competition and give rank/number/marks to each poster with various criterion such as

(a) Innovation/idea of the theme presented in poster

(b) Clarity of presentation

(c) Potential for future implementation

(d) Technology used in the poster.

    • The decision of this evalution committee shall be final and binding to all the participants.

Code of Conduct :

    • In case of any dispute situation, the decision of “An evalution committee” shall be final and binding to all the participants.

Table/Materials/Equipment : (If required)

    • Participants required to bring their own equipment like fully charged laptop, USB, extension board, wifi internet connection, etc,
    • Table for the presentation shall be provided from our side.

Tentative Event Schedule :

    • Tentative event schedule has been published on However, we recommend you to keep checking the website for latest updates.
    • Students kit will be provided along with an event detailed schedule and contact details

Attendance Requirements :

    • All participants who attend the entire event shall get a participation certificate.
    • All the participants must have to remain present on the day of event.
    • Those who are absent shall not be given certification of participant.

Emergency :

    • Contact Prof. Ankit Vaghela (Mo – 95581 44901, Email – and Prof. Amit Modi (Mo – 90333 27789, Email – in case of any emergency situation.

Photography and Recording :

    • Photography or recording of presentations is allowed to participants and your group photo will be captured and shared by the VSITR on its social media platform.

Feedback :

    • We shall collect your feedback from both participants and judges. This feedback can be valuable for improving future events.

Project Tags/ Team Slot :

    • Unique Team participants code will be provided and it must be worn during the event. This helps in networking and identification.
    • No Technical Support will be provided during the event.

Upon violation of any of above rules, may result into disqualification from the event and no further issues will be entertained.

Poster Guidelines :

    • Size requirements: 4 feet (vertical) x 3 feet (horizontal).
    • Layout: Rectangular.
    • Font Family :Times New Roman.
    • Main Heading font size:80 (All capitals + bold) (for ex. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION).
    • Sub Heading Font Size:80 (All capitals + bold) (for ex. 1.1 PURPOSE).
    • Sub sub heading font size : 72 (First letter Capital +bold) (for ex. 1.1.1 Project Title).
    • Content Font Size :72.
    • Header : Left : Group No ( ex. GROUP 1) Right: Domain Name (ex. Library Management System).
    • Footer: Left: VSITR (Information Technology) Right: Page number (ex. Page 1).

Kindly upload your poster on given link: Only team leader is required to fill the form.


Link for the final registration & payment of Confirmed Poster will be enable soon.


    • Innovative Solutions for Environmental Conservation


    • John A. Doe, Jane B. Smith, Sam C. Johnson
    • Department of Environmental Science
    • University of Excellence


    • Our project aims to address the pressing environmental challenges by proposing innovative solutions. We explore new approaches to conservation that can have a lasting impact on the ecosystem.

Objectives/Research Questions:

    • Investigate the effectiveness of specific method in biodiversity preservation.
    • Analyze the impact of climate change on specific species.
    • Assess the feasibility of implementing proposed solution in urban areas.


    1. Conducted field studies in location to collect data on biodiversity.
    2. Utilized technology for real-time monitoring of environmental changes.
    3. Collaborated with local communities to implement sustainable practices.


    • Graph/Chart 1: Biodiversity Trends Over Time
    • Caption: Positive correlation between factor and biodiversity growth.
    • Image 1: Climate Change Impact
    • Caption: Visual representation of climate change effects on species.


    • Our results highlight the need for proactive measures to combat climate change and promote sustainable practices. Engaging local communities is crucial for the success of conservation efforts.


    • This project underscores the importance of innovation in environmental conservation. We recommend further research and community involvement to ensure the longevity of these solutions.

Visual Elements:

    • Image 2: Sustainable Practices in Urban Areas
    • Caption: Example of successful implementation of sustainable practices in an urban setting.

Contact Information:

    • For inquiries or collaboration, please contact:
    • John A. Doe –


    • We extend our gratitude to Funding Agency for supporting this research project


    • Smith, J. B. et al. (Year). Title of Relevant Paper. Journal of Environmental Science, 10(2), 123-145.

QR Code:

    • Include a QR code linking to a project website or additional resources

Logo and Branding:

    • Include the logos of the university or department

Awards and Recognition:

    • Highlight any awards or recognition received for the project.
This format is for your ready reference, you can make the necessary changes as per your requirements

Download the sample poster here: Sample Poster

poster Id Poster Title Team leader Name Institute Name Contact Details Email Id
Unique id 1
Unique id 2
Unique id 3
Unique id 4
Unique id 5
Unique id 6
Unique id 7
Unique id 8
Unique id 9
Unique id 10
Unique id 11
Unique id 12
Unique id 13
Unique id 14
Unique id 15
Unique id 16
Unique id 17
Unique id 18
Unique id 19
Unique id 20
Unique id 21
Unique id 22
Unique id 23
Unique id 24
Unique id 25
Unique id 26
Unique id 27
Unique id 28
Unique id 29
Unique id 30
Unique id 31
Unique id 32
Unique id 33
Unique id 34
Unique id 35
Unique id 36
Unique id 37
Unique id 38
Unique id 39
Unique id 40
Unique id 41
Unique id 42
Unique id 43
Unique id 44
Unique id 45
Unique id 46
Unique id 47
Unique id 48
Unique id 49
Unique id 50


**8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Registration and Check-in**

    • Participants arrive and check in.
    • Distribution of student kits and unique name tags/code.
    • Coffee and light refreshments available.

**9:00 AM – 9:30 AM: Opening Ceremony**

    • Welcome address and introduction to the event.
    • Brief overview of the day’s schedule and activities.
    • Acknowledgment of sponsors and partners.

**9:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Poster Presentation Sessions (Session 1)**

    • Concurrent poster presentations by participating teams.
    • Each team has a designated time slot for presentation and Q&A.

**11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Networking Break**

    • Participants and attendees mingle, network, and visit posters.
    • Light snacks and refreshments available.

**12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Poster Presentation Sessions (Session 2)**

    • Continuation of concurrent poster presentations.
    • Q&A sessions for each presentation.

**1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch Break**

    • Buffet lunch or boxed lunches provided.
    • Informal networking opportunities.

**2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Judging and Evaluation**

    • Panel of judges reviews posters and interacts with participants.
    • Deliberation on outstanding projects.

**3:30 PM – 4:00 PM: Awards Ceremony**

    • Announcement of winners and recognition of outstanding projects.
    • Distribution of certificates and awards.

**4:00 PM – 4:30 PM: Closing Remarks and Thank You**

    • Express gratitude to participants, sponsors, and attendees.
    • Recap of key highlights of the event.
    • Invitation to future events.

**4:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Networking and Departure**

    • Final opportunity for participants and attendees to connect.
    • Event concludes, and participants begin to depart.
Phone 95581 44901 (Prof.Ankit Vaghela) 90333 27789 (Prof.Amit Modi)
Location Near Railway Station, Kadi.

Competition Procedures

Q:What is the procedure for the poster competition?
Step 1: Students are required to prepare the soft copy poster of their choice following the guidelines available on the website and submit it for final selection.

Step 2: After receiving all the posters, a subject expert committee will evaluate them based on the criteria available on the website.

Step 3: The list of selected posters will be uploaded on the website with a unique number. Please check if your poster is included.

Step 4: Once your poster is confirmed and detail available on the website, proceed to pay the fees.

Step 5: On 15th Feb 2024, bring your entire team and the physical poster to VSITR, Kadi.


Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Technical Poster Competition?
A: BE/B.Tech (CE/IT/CSE)/ME/M.Tech(CE/IT/CSE)/Diploma(CE/IT/CSE)/BSC (IT/CS)/MSC (IT/CS)/BCA/MCA or any other computer/IT/computer science students.

Q: What is the allowed team size for the competition?
A: Teams can consist of a minimum of 1 participant and a maximum of 4 participants. An extra faculty member is allowed in the team above the student limit.

Q: Can the team leader be a faculty member?
A: Yes, there can be one extra faculty member in the team, and the cheque should be drafted in the name of the team leader.

Q: Is it possible to change team members after registration?
A: No, once the team is registered, team members cannot be changed.

Q: What is the registration fee, and what does it include?
A: The registration fee is Rs. 100 per participant per poster (non-refundable). It includes food and a registration kit. There is no registration fee for faculty members.

Q: When is the registration deadline?
A: The last day to submit the poster is 15-01-2024 (11:59 PM). Late registrations will not be accepted.

Prizes and Recognition:

Q: What are the prizes for the competition?
A: Rs. 25000 (Winner), Rs. 20000 (First Runner up), and Rs. 15000 (Second Runner up) will be awarded to outstanding projects per group.

Evaluation Criteria:

Q: How are the posters evaluated?
A: A committee of subject experts evaluates the poster based on innovation, clarity of presentation, potential for future implementation, and technology used.
Code of Conduct:
Q: What happens in case of disputes?
A: In case of any dispute, the decision of the evaluation committee is final and binding to all participants.

Event Logistics:

Q: What materials/equipment should participants bring?
A: Participants should bring their own equipment like a fully charged laptop, USB, extension board, and wifi internet connection. Tables for the presentation will be provided.

Q: Is there a tentative event schedule available?
A: Yes, a tentative event schedule is available on Check the website for updates.

Attendance and Certificates:

Q: Are there attendance requirements?
A: Participants must attend the entire event to receive a participation certificate.

Emergency Contacts:

Q: Who to contact in case of an emergency?
A: Contact Prof. Ankit Vaghela (Mo – 95581 44901, Email – and Prof. Amit Modi (Mo – 90333 27789, Email –

Photography and Recording:

Q: Can participants take photos or record presentations?
A: Yes, photography and recording of presentations are allowed. VSITR will share group photos on its social media platform.

Feedback and Project Tags:

Q: Will feedback be collected?
A: Yes, feedback from both participants and judges will be collected for improving future events.

Q: What is the purpose of the unique team participants code?
A: Unique team participants codes will be provided for networking and identification during the event.

Technical Support and Rule Violation:

Q: Will technical support be provided during the event?
A: No technical support will be provided during the event.

Q: What happens if there is a violation of the rules?
A: Violation of rules may result in disqualification from the event, and no further issues will be entertained.